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What to bring

Travel light! Please attempt to keep all personal gear below 70 lbs for the logistics involved with flying.  Space is limited on the float plane.

Keep in mind that Alaskan weather can change dramatically during the coarse of the day.  Dress in layers so you can add or take away as needed.  Expect warm days above 80 degrees to wet chilly temperatures around 45 degrees.

Upon arrival to Anchorage we will supply you with drybags to keep your clothes/gear dry during the raft trip.

Recommended items:

Keep in mind….NO COTTON!

Sleeping bag (rated to 20)

Sleeping pad

Water bottle

2 full sets of warm clothes (wool, polypropylene, and fleece)

Long underwear (capaline, smartwool)

Rain jacket

Waders (no hip boots!)

Wading shoes

Wading belt

Warm jacket

Wool hat


Baseball cap


Insect repellant

5 pairs of wool socks

Camp shoes



Lip balm

Polarized sunglasses



Extra batteries

Fishing gear