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Welcome to Kingfisher Adventure Guides

          We specialize in expedition-style float trips.  Kingfisher Adventure Guides offers the finest quality float trips for those who seek whitewater rafting adventure, wildlife/scenic photo safaris, and world-class fishing. 

Our experience is extended to a wide range of geographic regions throughout the state of Alaska.  We offer trips in South-Central, Western Alaska, Interior, and the Alaskan Peninsula.  This allows us to capitalize on peak salmon runs and offers a contingency plan if a certain river is undoable due to flood or weak salmon returns. 

Kingfisher takes pride in providing guests with comfortable accommodations and delicious cuisine.  Guests are supplied with large 6-man tents, which give ample space and comfort.  A large communal tent is also provided in the event of rain and serves as a cook shack and dinning room.  We’ll also provide drybags, to keep your personal gear dry along the way.  You’ll be amazed at how comfortable a wilderness float can be! 

Whether you’re interested in catching a trophy salmon or just want to get away from the crowds, we can customize a trip that will match your vacation goals.  Rafting trips offer something for everyone and are the key to accessing and enjoying the most remote rivers in Alaska. 

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